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145- Should You Know Your PCOS Type?

As women with PCOS, we want to be empowered with choices and not just take prescriptions without really understanding why we’re taking them.” – Dr. Rashmi Kudesia

If you Google “PCOS” you may or may not connect with the first set of symptoms described. PCOS is experienced in many ways. This has led the PCOS community to begin to describe “types” or phenotypes of PCOS. I asked renowned reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Rashmi Kudesia to help us make sense of the types of PCOS which are being discussed and the relative pros and cons of labeling the differences. Listen in (or read the transcript) as we discuss:
  • Getting the right diagnosis & conditions which mimic PCOS
  • Types of PCOS and what makes each unique
  • Why your PCOS type may change over time
  • The critical reason to understand and track your cycle whether or not you are TTC
  • Why there is so much hope for women with PCOS

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