146- The Opportunity in Your Diagnosis [Podcast with Stacey Robbins] - PCOS Diva
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146- The Opportunity in Your Diagnosis [Podcast with Stacey Robbins]

“I was looking for the perfect pill, the perfect doctor, the perfect diet, the perfect solution. And I was looking for someone else to be the grownup in the room, someone else to be the hero who was going to save me, someone else who’s going to be a better friend to me. And … I realized I am the one, I am the one who’s going to save me from this.” – Stacey Robbins

Stacey Robbins is an inspiration. I love her sense of humor and sage approach to illness, healing, aging, and life in general. She encourages us to use every circumstance, including a diagnosis, to transform our victim mindset, rediscover our sense of humor, and learn to love ourselves again. Listen in (or read the transcript) as we discuss her journey through PCOS and Hashimoto’s, extreme weight gain and loss, healing, and finding the path to loving herself. Many of us will find commonality with her as she describes how it took her diagnosis to convince her to listen to her body, seize the opportunity, and heal from the soul out. No matter where you are in your journey, you owe it to yourself to hear her wisdom about how to heal and truly thrive.

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