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152- Naturally Resolve Your Estrogen Dominance

“Among all of the different hormonal imbalances I had, estrogen dominance was one of the easiest to reverse.” – Magdalena Wszelaki

Do you have symptoms of estrogen dominance? A better question may be who doesn’t have symptoms of estrogen dominance. Does any of this sound familiar: fibroids, endometriosis, fibrocystic and lumpy breasts, mood swings, hot flashes, absent, irregular, or heavy periods, PMS, thyroid nodules, infertility and miscarriage, cellulite and hip fat, spider or varicose veins, hair loss, headaches or migraines. Getting to the root of your estrogen dominance can have a tremendous impact on your health. Magdalena Wszelaki is back on the PCOS Diva podcast to help us naturally get our estrogen balance back on track. Listen in or read the transcript as we discuss:

  • 3 scenarios of why you may be low in estrogen or have estrogen dominance
  • What the DUTCH test can and cannot tell you
  • Natural steps you can take to reverse estrogen dominance
  • Pros and cons of flaxseed
  • The food that can help hot flashes

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