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155- Hormone Repair- Menopause Edition

We all know women in that age group, into menopause, after perimenopause, where they just get a lot of stuff done. They’re running volunteer organizations, doing a PhD, or traveling the world. So that really flies against this idea that somehow, menopause is the beginning of the end and it’s over now. It’s completely the opposite. – Dr. Lara Briden

PCOS Podcast 155 - Horomone Repair - Monopause - Dr. BridenDr. Lara Briden is a naturopath doctor, women’s health activist, and best-selling author of two books which I and countless others use as a foundation for natural management of hormones. She is a long-time friend of PCOS Diva and has contributed her uniquely accessible wisdom in many ways. Her new book, The Hormone Repair Manual, is for those of us born before 1984 though it’s food for thought for all of us. Dr. Briden’s advice can help us approach perimenopause/menopause or “second puberty” with grace and ease. She describes this time as a hormonal recalibration and an opportunity to thrive in all new ways. Listen in or read the transcript as we discus how to approach menopause as well as:

  • How to talk to your doctor about possible treatments
  • Why progestins of hormonal birth control are NOT the same thing as progesterone
  • Benefit of keeping your cycle going as long as possible
  • Insulin resistance management tips
  • Why a vegetarian diet may not be the right choice

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