159- PCOS & Hair Loss: Managing the Physical & Emotional - PCOS Diva
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159- PCOS & Hair Loss: Managing the Physical & Emotional

“Hair loss will take a lot from you if you allow it to. Although it doesn’t always feel like a choice, we do have choices to make. We have choices to make that can empower us to live our lives with fulfillment, with happiness.” – Y

If you struggle with PCOS, you may suffer from related hair loss. Beyond the physical symptom, hair loss often has a tremendous emotional component which impacts most areas of your life. This was true both for me and my podcast guest Y. I discovered Y over a decade ago when I was desperately seeking answers for my own hair loss. She was a pioneer in education and support for those dealing with hair loss then, and she remains a key figure through her work with her Women’s Hairloss Project. If you are feeling alone in your struggle, this podcast is for you. Listen in or read the transcript as we discuss:

  • The birth control pill and spironolactone for hair loss
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)
  • Wigs, toppers, & how to make them work
  • Managing the emotional component of hair loss

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