190- Overcome PCOS Fertility Challenges [Podcast with Mary Wong] - PCOS Diva
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190- Overcome PCOS Fertility Challenges [Podcast with Mary Wong]

“Align your life in order to create life. And I think that also means aligning your life’s work, what you’re doing in the moment, during that fertility process.”

Today we’ll be talking about pathways to pregnancy with bestselling author, international speaker, acupuncturist, and high-performance coach Mary Wong.

Mary is the founder of Alive Holistic Health, which combines traditional Chinese medicine with Western science to nurture the body and soul. She has helped over 10,000 women in counting overcome infertility, PCOS, and other health challenges.

In her book – Pathways to Pregnancy – she explains the power of combining Western and Eastern medicine to improve your chances of having a baby. In her book she shares peoples real stories so that women can feel empowered, have hope, not feel alone, and not have shame on their journey towards motherhood.

In today’s episode, Mary and Amy also share their personal stories about struggling with infertility, their journeys to motherhood, and overcoming the labels Doctors put on them.


Listen in and learn:
  • The positive effects acupuncture and herbal medicine have on fertility
  • How to let go of labels a Dr. may have put on you about your “infertility”
  • How to manage working while going through IVF
  • How to encourage a pregnancy and align yourself to create life
  • The connection a demanding job has on fertility and how to manage that stress


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Resources mentioned:

Mary Wong’s Book:

Pathways to Pregnancy

Connect with Mary Wong:

My Fertology Podcast

Alive Holistic Health Clinic in Toronto


Other Mentions:

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Best selling author, international speaker, acupuncturist, and High Performance coach Mary Wong is the founder of ALIVE Holistic Health, one of North America’s leading wellness clinics. 

She has helped over 10,000 women (and counting) overcome infertility, PCOS, and other health challenges, often when everything else has failed. Mary’s life mission is to bridge the gap to care, helping humans thrive in mind, body, and soul.

Mary co-hosts, My Fertology Podcast helping to Boost Women from fertility and beyond and is a health expert on Cityline, Canada’s longest running daytime TV show specifically targeted to women.

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