21 - Knowledge Is Power: Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Empower Women - PCOS Diva

21 – Knowledge Is Power: Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Empower Women

PCOS Diva has a fundamental purpose of empowering and educating women about their health and fertility.  That is why I am thrilled to get behind a Kickstarter campaign to turn Holly Grigg Spall’s book, Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control into a documentary.  Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein plan to make this thought-provoking book into a documentary.  The goal is to empower and educate  women so they can make an informed choice about their fertility and birth control.  Too often, women are given the birth control pill as a first line treatment for PCOS.  They are never informed of the countless side effects they can expect while on the pill or the post-pill syndrome they can expect when they stop taking it.  We are rarely educated by physicians about the rhythms of our body and how to regulate our cycles with lifestyle choices and supplements.

I had the opportunity to interview author Holly Grigg- Spall this week.  Listen to my interview with Holly and learn about:

  • The benefits and side effects of hormonal birth control (the pill and its cousins)
  • Difference between a period on the pill and a period on your own
  • Regulating your period without pharmaceuticals
  • What is body literacy and why it is important
  • How you can help make this documentary project happen!

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