23 - Heat Up Your Metabolism - PCOS Diva
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23 – Heat Up Your Metabolism

So, what’s your type?  Dr. Philip Goglia, nutritionist to pro and semi-pro athletes, stars like Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Ryan Gosling and even a PCOS Diva, can tell you.  He specializes in metabolic nutrition and divides the population in to 3 types of metabolisms.  I was inspired to interview him after reading his book, “Turn up the Heat – Unlock the Fat Burning Power of Your Metabolism.” His message of eating to your metabolic type spoke to me, and I think you will benefit from what he has to say as well.  Listen in and learn:
  • 3 types of metabolism and how to get the most out of yours
  • are you eating enough food?
  • his guidelines of what starches and sugars to eat and avoid (hint: avoid “fluffy and mushy”)
  • how to build an eating pattern that will heat up your metabolism
  • what to eat at bedtime to help you sleep better

Please listen until the end.  He has a important and special message just for PCOS Divas.

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