22- Got PCOS? What You Need to Know About Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroid - PCOS Diva
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22- Got PCOS? What You Need to Know About Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroid

Does any of this sound familiar: chronic fatigue, apathy, depression, brain fog, memory lapse, mood swings, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, panic attacks, weight gain, hair loss, low body temperature, or joint pain?  You may have a thyroid disorder.

As a woman with PCOS, your likelihood of having Hashimoto’s Disease is 3 times greater than other women.  Many of us suffer from this or some other type of thyroid disorder.  With this in mind, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Izabelle Wentz, a prominent thyroid expert and pharmacist.  Her search for the root cause of Hashimoto’s Disease offers hope to all of us who suffer from thyroid issues.  During our conversation, we discussed:

  • Hypothyroidism vs. Hashimoto’s Disease
  • Tests you need to ask your doctor about to be properly diagnosed
  • Common and often overlooked or misdiagnosed symptoms
  • Actions to take when you are diagnosed
  • Possible benefits of pharmaceuticals
  • Causes and results of not properly treating thyroid issues
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