30 - The Good News About PCOS and Menopause - PCOS Diva
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30 – The Good News About PCOS and Menopause

PCOS and menopause

“Now is a great time; every day is great time to make a lifestyle improvement and know that there is a payoff that comes with that, regardless of having the PCOS diagnosis.”

-Dr. Rashmi Kudesia

Menopause is increasingly on my mind.

As I enjoy my mid-forties, menopause is looming in my immediate future.

I have a lot of questions, starting with, “How will menopause affect me, as a woman with PCOS?”

Dr. Rashmi Kudesia, a nationally respected reproductive endocrinologist, accomplished lecturer, and author of numerous scientific research articles and manuscripts in leading medical journals offers answers. In our recent podcast, she answered many of my burning questions about PCOS and menopause and offered her analysis of current PCOS/menopause research. In fact, she answered many of the questions that Divas frequently ask me about the topic. Listen in as we discuss

  • Why women with PCOS and lifelong irregular menstrual cycles often have regular cycles as they approach menopause
  • The differences between women with and without PCOS as they transition into menopause
  • Whether there is an increased risk of cancer, heart disease and type II diabetes as we age
  • The latest protocol for using Metformin, Letrozole, and Clomid
  • Whether women with PCOS have a lengthened reproductive span
  • Recommendations for hysterectomy

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