32 - PCOS & MTHFR: Screening and Next Steps - PCOS Diva
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32 – PCOS & MTHFR: Screening and Next Steps

PCOS Diva podcast - Angela HeapYou likely won’t hear about the MTHFR genetic mutation in your doctor’s office, but 60% of the population has this condition. If you have the MTHFR mutation, it means that (among other things) your body cannot convert folic acid into folate that you need for a healthy baby and your own cell replication.

Listen in as I speak with expert, Angela Heap about:

  • what is MTHFR
  • what tests can determine whether you have the MTHFR mutation
  • the difference between folic acid and folate
  • how MTHFR affects women trying to conceive and those that have suffered multiple miscarriages
  • what supplements for folates and B12 you should take if you have the MTHFR mutation
Aimee Raupp

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