33 - PCOS and Fertility Awareness- Taking Control - PCOS Diva
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33 – PCOS and Fertility Awareness- Taking Control

PCOS Diva Podcast Hannah RansomFertility is one of the main concerns I hear about from women with PCOS.  Not many women clearly understand their fertility cycles and even fewer feel like they have any control over them.  Fertility expert Hannah Ransom visited the PCOS Diva podcast this week to share information with other women with PCOS that want to take more control of their fertility using fertility planning and awareness methods.

Listen as we discuss:

  • The difference between natural family planning and fertility awareness
  • How to use fertility awareness as a birth control or family planning method
  • The best time to test for pregnancy or progesterone levels
  • What your cervical fluid is trying to tell you
  • Using fertility awareness to make your cycles more regular
  • Helpful fertility apps
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