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36 – Answers About Ovasitol, Inositols and Male Fertility

PCOS Podcast Dr. Ratner InositolYou have a lot of questions about Ovasitol, inositols and male fertility. I invited Dr. Mark H. Ratner, an expert on all of these topics, to join the podcast and answer your most burning questions.  Every woman considering getting pregnant will benefit from his clear explanations and sage advice.  Listen in as we discuss:
  • What are Ovaitol and inositols and how do they work?
  • Why many doctors don’t understand the benefits of inositols for PCOS
  • Can I take Ovasitol with metformin or if I am pregnant or nursing?
  • Supplements that benefit sperm quality and motility
  • Current research and clinical trials on inositols, Ovasitol and male infertility

Dr. Mark H. Ratner  is the Regional Director of Male Reproductive Medicine at Shady Grove Fertility Center in Washington, DC.  He is also the Medical Director of Theralogix, a DC-based company which develops products focused on nutrition and reproductive health.

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