41- Precision Medicine- It's About YOU [Expert Interview] - PCOS Diva
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41- Precision Medicine- It’s About YOU [Expert Interview]

I often interview men and women who are on the front lines of PCOS research, finding innovative solutions so women with PCOS can move forward. Sonya Satveit is such a trailblazer. Her latest initiative, Open Source Health, is focused on building a bridge between the latest research, the greatest experts and providers, and patients in order to close the gap and eliminate the fragmentation of service in health care. Listen as we discuss a study her team is about to begin, employing the latest in Precision Medicine for research in PCOS.

  • What is Precision Medicine?
  • How can analysis of your DNA be used to personalize care?
  • Can Precision Medicine offer earlier detection of life-altering diseases or suggest preventative measures?
  • How can you help or be involved in this study?
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