Tap Yourself Happy: a Super-Effective Self-Care Technique
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44- Tap Yourself Happy: a Super-Effective Self-Care Technique

“You can’t hate yourself happy, and you can’t criticize yourself thin, and you can’t shame yourself healthy.

That’s the strategy that so many women are using and it’s important to address the emotional side of weight loss and to take a different approach.” –Jessica Ortner

Who am I to take care of myself when so many people depend on me? I hear this all the time.  The fact is that self-care is not a reward. It is an essential ingredient to living, to surviving, to having a healthy life. “Tapping” is a technique I use myself of literally tapping with your fingers on acupressure points in order to relax your body and/or change your mindset. It is useful for alleviating cravings, stress, anxiety, and much more.

Tapping expert Jessica Ortner stopped by the podcast to explain how tapping can help a woman understand the motivation behind certain behaviors and consciously reprogram her response. Listen as we discuss:

  • The practice of tapping and how to begin
  • The critical importance of self-care and pleasure
  • Why we feel that we need to practice diet and deprivation
  • The reason behind the clenching feeling in our stomach, back pain, or insomnia

Please listen and learn to love yourself and your body through tapping.

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