The Best Ovulation Predictor Kit & Fertility Monitoring for PCOS
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52 – The Best Ovulation Predictor Kit & Fertility Monitoring for PCOS

Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs) are popular whether a woman is trying to conceive or using them for contraception. Unfortunately, not every woman is able to use OPKs, especially if they have PCOS. Why? Our luteinizing hormone (LH) levels show different patterns than non-POCS women, so the average kit most often gives a false positive/negative. It leads to confusion and frustration. So what can we do? Expert, Kate Davies, joined the podcast to explain the hows and whys of OPKs and fertility monitoring.  Listen as we discuss:

  • How to use OPKs to self-advocate at the doctor’s office
  • Alternative methods of fertility monitoring
  • Which kit works where others fail
  • Her favorite mobile apps for tracking fertility
  • How to prevent the act of trying to conceive from becoming mechanical and losing the intimate connection between you and your partner

Kate Davies is a fertility practitioner, fertility coach and columnist. Kate works with women wishing to optimise their ability to conceive naturally and coaches women going through a difficult fertility journey.

Kate is a registered nurse specialist and worked for over 20 years in the UK’s National Health Service as a specialist nurse in Gynaecology, Sexual and contraceptive health and fertility. Four years ago Kate, frustrated with the lack of support and high quality advice for women who were struggling to conceive, founded her private practice ‘Your Fertility Journey’. Shortly after this, she trained as a fertility coach to offer her patients much needed emotional support as well as medical advice. Kate now has a thriving practice and consults women nationally and internationally via the wonders of Skype.

Kate has a special interest in PCOS and over the years has worked with 100’s of women who suffer with this debilitating condition. To enhance her practice, Kate has recently undertaken specialist training to enable her to offer women both the specialist advice and emotional support they desperately need.

Kate loves her job and her best days are when one of her lovely ladies calls her to say she is pregnant. Often she is the second person to know – what a privilege! Kate is very proud of the Facebook Support Group she founded over two years ago. This group, full of inspirational ladies going through all sorts of fertility journeys, gives ladies a safe place in which to ask advice, find support and get virtual hugs.

As well as her natural fertility and coaching services, Kate is also passionate about Natural Contraception and teaches women internationally on how to use this effective, safe and natural method of contraception.

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