51 - Control Your Hormones, Fix Your Acne? - PCOS Diva
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51 – Control Your Hormones, Fix Your Acne?

Acne, particularly cystic acne, plagues many women with PCOS. Robyn Srigley, the Hormone Diva, knows how to help. Her story may seem familiar to you. She treated her persistent acne with everything- birth control pills, Accutane, other pills, creams, antibiotics- never finding a permanent solution. She finally discoveredĀ the secret through her practice in holistic nutrition and health coaching. She is here to share her best tips and tricks to treat your hormonal acne. Listen in and learn:

  • The link between stress, cortisol and acne
  • Foods to eat and avoid
  • The roles of gut health and food allergies
  • The difference between jawline acne, facial and body acne
  • Suggested topical remedies, treatments and cleansers
If you struggle with acne, I suggest you try Robyn’s 7 Day Happy Hormones Challenge. Every day, you’ll get one new healthy habit to include in your life that will bring you toward the happy hormones that you’re trying to achieve. Check it out atĀ www.thehormonediva.com/pcoschallenge.
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