58 - Food Sensitivity Testing- Your Next Step in Healing PCOS? - PCOS Diva
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58 – Food Sensitivity Testing- Your Next Step in Healing PCOS?

“Food is medicine, and specific foods are medicine for specific people.” – Dr. Margrit Mikulis

As you might expect, I am very careful about the foods I choose. I am living proof that food is medicine. Eliminating inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy made all the difference in healing my PCOS. Inflammation is at the root of many of our PCOS symptoms, and eliminating common irritants can, in some cases, yield almost immediate relief. This summer, I took a food sensitivity test that examined my reaction to 132 foods. The results were surprising, and when I acted upon them, I felt even better! My naturopath, Dr. Margrit Mikulis, understands the link between PCOS, inflammation and diet. Listen as she explains:

  • How food sensitivities increase inflammation in women with PCOS
  • The difference between food sensitivity testing and food allergy testing
  • The correlation between cardiovascular health, gut health and inflammation
  • The difference between food allergies, food sensitivities and food intolerances
  • How to get tested for food sensitivity
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  1. Does anyone know what tests Dr. Margrit Mikulis uses to discover food sensitivities and intolerances? Is it the IgG? I have read conflicting reports on the accuracy of those tests, but I would like to figure out if there is something more than gluten and dairy that are contributing to my consistent breakouts and irregular cycles.