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62 – The Progesterone & PCOS Connection

Women with PCOS typically have low progesterone. Symptoms include absent, irregular or very heavy or long periods. Unfortunately, it also increases the risk of miscarriage. Whether you are TTC or not, it is important to get your progesterone balanced. Dr. Poppy joins the podcast today to explain why women with PCOS have low progesterone and what we can do about it. Listen in to this important conversation as we discuss:

  • Why the pill is not a good long term choice for women with PCOS
  • Progestin v. progesterone v. Provera
  • Her pregnancy protocol for progesterone treatment
  • What test you should ask for and when you should take it
  • The connection between progesterone, your thyroid and adrenal glands
PCOS Podcast Dr. Wentz 61

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