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66- My Favorite PCOS Fertility Tool

If you regularly follow PCOS Diva, you know I love the OvuSense monitor. I am all for anything that puts knowledge and power in a woman’s own hands. Recently, I invited Rob Milnes, CEO of Fertility Focus which produces OvuSense, to the podcast to discuss exactly how OvuSense works and why women with PCOS should be especially interested (whether we are TTC or not).

Rob has a great way of explaining, in simple terms, the science behind the role of progesterone and the luteal phase in a woman’s cycle as well as exactly how the OvuSense monitor works. He clearly broke down:

  • OvuSense monitor system vs. ovulation predictor kits, the Creighton model, basal body temp. charting or other apps
  • Why OvuSense can have a 96% accuracy rate when predicting ovulation and not give false positives like other products
  • How OvuSense can help diagnose PCOS
  • How to use OvuSense to monitor the effects of supplements and pharmaceuticals on your cycle and health
  • The new pricing structure
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  1. I think this product is pronounced
    “Ah-vyoo”Sense like Ovulate, but Amy pronounced it differently in the podcast?