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73 – PCOS Lab Testing: Beyond the Basics

PCOS is complicated and a lot of women with PCOS have other things. They have thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s, or they have other autoimmune, or they have food intolerances, or just other stuff that ties into the PCOS or is worsening the PCOS, and they just need somebody who can orchestrate and dig deep.” – Dr. Carrie Jones

It is important for women with a PCOS diagnosis to find the root of their PCOS symptoms. Only then can you find true, lasting relief. PCOS is a broad diagnosis, and testing beyond the basic blood and ultrasound tests is necessary to begin healing your PCOS in a sustainable way. Dr. Carrie Jones joined the podcast this week to recommend the tests we should consider and offers some helpful, practical advice on relieving our symptoms. Listen as we discuss:

  • cutting edge testing options
  • tips for balancing cortisol and getting better sleep
  • recommended lifestyle changes and supplements
  • how stress and cortisol impact other hormones like progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid
  • easy stress busters
  • the DUTCH test and how it can help
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