72 - What's Your Vibe? - PCOS Diva
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72 – What’s Your Vibe?

Discoveries in quantum physics can be applied to nutrition, wellness, medicine, and the helping professions such as psychotherapy. Understanding vibrational frequency is fundamental to being happy and supercharged in your health, your work, and your relationships. You are vibrating right now. So is your liver, and your brain. So is whoever is sitting next to you. The words you speak have vibration. The food you eat.

On the podcast today, Robyn Openshaw explains the power of vibration for women with PCOS. There is a vibrational connection around your food, your thoughts, the people that you spend time with. Harness that power, and you can truly thrive! I love this hopeful message about gaining positivity and control. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why diet fads like Paleo and Keto only kind-of work
  • The principle of quantum physics which can help you begin to heal in this moment
  • How to choose the right foods for the short and long term
  • Her “6 quick things” routine to boost your vibe
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