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80 – PCOS & Ovulation: The How and Why

“Regular ovulatory cycles are both an indicator and a creator of health. In my experience with thousands of patients, and now thousands of readers, for almost every woman, the possibility is there to have regular cycles.” – Dr. Lara Briden

PCOS Podcast 80 Ovulation BridenDr. Lara Briden’s book, the Period Repair Manual, is a manifesto of natural treatment for better hormones and better periods. I recommend it all the time, so I am thrilled to have her on the podcast. Dr. Briden provides practical solutions using nutrition, supplements, and natural hormones. We both agree that ovulation matters for all women; it’s not just about making babies. So, listen as we discuss:

  • Why a period on the birth control pill is not a true period
  • Diagnosis and misdiagnosis of PCOS
  • Why cutting carbs might not help
  • Why doctors in Australia may not (and should not) diagnose a teenager with PCOS
  • Pain is not a symptom of PCOS
  • Her protocol for each type of PCOS

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