87 - Straight Talk about PCOS, the Pill, and Post Pill Syndrome - PCOS Diva
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87 – Straight Talk about PCOS, the Pill, and Post Pill Syndrome

The birth control pill is the standard prescription when a woman is diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, typically without outlining the risks posed specifically for us. For many, it manages to mask PCOS symptoms. For others, the side effects are immediately intolerable. For all, symptoms resume when we must stop taking it. Worse, many struggle with Post Birth Control Pill Syndrome. So, what can we do? Dr. Jolene Brighten and I discuss this and much more in this podcast. Listen in or read the transcript.

  • What is Post Pill Syndrome and what we can do about it?
  • Testing to have done while on the pill
  • Often undisclosed risks of the pill including: thyroid issues, adrenals, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, leaky gut, food sensitivities, anxiety, blood clots, yeast infections, and heightened risk of suicide
  • Contraceptive alternatives for women with PCOS
  • Why an orgasm a week is good for your health

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