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85 – Improving Quality of Life with PCOS

We all know that PCOS impacts the lives of the women who have it. Countless studies (and our own experience) have proven that. In this podcast, Dr. Rashmi Kudesia explains the impact of PCOS on our quality of life in five main interrelated areas: infertility, abnormal uterine bleeding or irregular periods, extra body or facial hair, weight issues, and emotional health and offers steps we can take to get on track both mentally and physically. Listen as we also discuss:

  • Critical importance of sleep quality
  • Tips on how to effectively advocate for yourself or your daughter
  • Pros and cons of diagnosing adolescents
  • What she says to adolescents who may have PCOS
  • Why related diagnoses (thyroid, sleep apnea, etc.) are often missed in women with PCOS
  • The counsel she offers her own patients to improve their quality of life

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