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89 – Diet Rules to Break (and Follow) for PCOS Weight Loss

“I just felt like something was wrong with me. I didn’t realize there’s something wrong with the rules and the process that I was following. It just felt like I was flawed and here I was trying to lose weight and the only thing I was losing was self-worth and self-confidence.” -Cassie Bjork

Many dietitians are telling you what Coke (and other big food corporations) want you to hear. It’s not necessarily their fault. Outdated interpretations of unscientific data set many of the diet standards we are taught from childhood. Cassie Bjork is not your average dietitian. She is a globally recognized industry leader and one of my go-to experts for weight loss. In this podcast she explains why low fat, low carb, calorie counting diets and exhausting work-outs are not helping you lose weight. It’s time to consider the big picture including what you eat, thyroid, stress, and sleep too. Listen (or read the transcript) as we discuss:

  • Questions to ask your dietitian
  • The physical and emotional power of surrender
  • Why counting calories doesn’t work
  • Why you must eat fat
  • the truth about cholesterol

Mentioned in the podcast: 10rulestobreak.com

Complete Transcript Follows

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