Managing Breast Cancer with Energy, Empowerment, and Grace
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95 – Managing Breast Cancer with Energy, Empowerment, and Grace

PCOS Podcast No. 95 with Carol LourieThere is a lot you can do from an integrated perspective to assist your health without interfering with the chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation if you choose to do that… let’s take the best of both worlds and merge them together.” – Carol Lourie

Every woman has been touched by breast cancer. It may be you or someone you know or love, but all of us understand, on some level, the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of the disease. Women with PCOS do not have a higher risk of breast cancer than our peers, though we do have a slightly higher risk of endometrial cancer. Carol Lourie has dedicated her professional life to supporting women and their health. Now, she has focused her efforts on managing cancer in a functional way. Listen (or read the transcript) as we discuss:

  • preparing yourself, your family, and your community for treatment
  • nutrition for prevention, preparation, treatment, and recovery
  • managing side effects
  • setting the right mindset

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