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It Takes Two- A Husband’s Sparkle Journal

Chris and CarrieMy assistant, Carrie, participated in the beta test of the Sparkle 14 Day Detox program with her husband, Chris. Since studies show that you are much more likely to have success with lifestyle changes if you have a partner, I was thrilled that he agreed to participate. The following is his daily journal about the experience.  Enjoy!


In a show of teamwork with my wife, I am embarking on the 14 day Sparkle Detox- no sugar, gluten, alcohol or caffeine for 2 straight weeks.  I have been preparing mentally for several days, and the day before we officially start, we make our pre-cleanse shopping run.  Our bags are full of kale, carrots, apples and clementine’s, plus frozen berries and coconut oil, which I understand can be added to almost anything.  Apparently, coconut has become the super food, or at least my wife is convinced.  In addition to the oil, we also have coconut creamer, coconut milk, coconut toothpaste and even coconut skin cream.  No actual coconuts however.

My biggest concern is caffeine.  My love for coffee runs several generations.   From the bitter black coffee my father so loved to the lovely little lattes I make daily in my cappuccino maker, this is going to be a doozy.

Day 1: 

The first shake and supplements are done.  Not too shabby to taste, I think I can do this. The first 24 hours pass uneventfully.  While I am certainly not sparkling yet, I can feel change is afoot.

Day 2:

Going well until about 4:00 PM when I hit the proverbial wall.  I begin to move in slow motion.  My body is saying, “what have you done to me?” It’s all I can to remain nearly comatose on the couch.  The dog licks my face to see if I am still alive.  The kids have left some horrible reality show on, but I haven’t the strength to change it.  This is not the end however; I shall persevere.

Day 3:

2 sets of shakes and supplements.  Check.  Slogging through but staying on the program.  Absolutely.  Carrots and hummus, an apple and some almonds, are holding my hand.  In the afternoon, I walk right past my son as he slices up a block of cheddar cheese, all of which I could eat in one bite……..if I allowed myself.

Day 4:

My wife took the last of the coconut milk for her smoothie.  This bothers me more than it should.

Day 5

The caffeine addiction is kicked.  No more headaches (though some habitual longing still hangs around).  Been thinking a lot about crackers.  I miss crackers.  Saltines, Ritz, Triscuits; I love them all like my children.

Day 6

11:55 PM.  I wake and jump out of my bed like a shot.  I forgot to drink my second shake.  Was traveling for work today, and my schedule got changed up, yada yada.  Just 5 minutes to remain compliant with the sparkle program, the Diva will be so disappointed.   I have come too far to mess up now.  No time for blender.  Just powder and water, baby.


Brush teeth.  Back to bed.  Sparkling through the night.

Day 7

Quinoa is my friend- closest thing to a carb that I can find.   A week ago, it was a word I couldn’t pronounce or spell, and now I am daydreaming of new quinoa/kale recipes.  Who am I?

Day 8

Toughest night yet. It’s the weekend and have been invited to a friend’s house for a party.  Champagne, cake, cookies, etc.  Festive bastards.  Who needs friends like this?  Nary a vegetable in sight.  Settled for eating 3 pieces of watermelon and cup of warm water while sitting in the corner by myself.  Ok, it was seltzer on ice, and I was in the middle of the kitchen chatting with my alleged friends, but that’s not how it feels.

Day 9

Eggs.  I have had my organic eggs poached, hard-boiled, scrambled, soft-boiled, baked, over easy, over hard and sunny side up.  Thinking about going raw to complete the cycle.

Day 11

Dunkin’ Donuts, once a Kingdom I loved to visit with 1,000 palaces across the land.  I stand there and scan the menu, not a single item for me.  Frosted donuts, sugar laden drink options and forbidden caffeine lurking in every corner.  My son gleefully orders his favorite sandwich and drink while I mutter, “ice water please.”  Once my sanctuary, DD is now the oppressor.

Day 12

Each day gets easier.  The habitual cravings have passed. The new routine has settled in.  Also, I am excited to see the world record for hummus consumption in a 2 week period is in sight for me.

Day 13

Only 4 shakes and supplements remain.  Hard to believe I am almost there.  Beginning to wonder what life on the other side will be like.  Excited but nervous to go back to my old habits.  Despite all my kvetching, I do feel good. Sleep, energy level, and mood all have improved.

Day 14

Mission accomplished.  In the end, I learned I did not need sugar, caffeine, diary et al as much as I believed I did.  I didn’t require the foods, drinks, and habits I thought I had to have to function every day.  I learned I was capable of re-inventing what my body was made of, and in the end, who I am as well. I look forward to having some of the things I loved, of course, but in moderation.   Now, about those crackers……


Note: Each partner you add onto your Sparkle program buys only the kit. They do not need to register/pay for the entire program since they will follow along with you. For details contact

PCOS Diva Sparkle Detox

For more husband’s perspective about living with a PCOS Diva, read my own husband’s article, “5 Things To Know If Your Partner Has PCOS: a Husband’s Perspective.”

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