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Stolen Moments with Tea

I recently attended a Christmas Tea and the guest speaker was author, Katrina Avila Municheiello.  She  wrote a wonderful anthology of readings for tea lovers called  A Tea Reader – Living Life One Cup at a Time. I had the opportunity to speak with Katrina that evening and invited her to write a guest post for PCOS Diva.  I loved her message of making tea accessible to everyone, even though we may come to tea for different reasons, like the ones I mentioned in the previous article Tea Time for PCOS.  Read how Katrina, author  and stay at home mom of three, nourishes herself, body and soul, with a simple cup of tea.

Stolen Moments with Tea

by Katrina Ávila Munichiello

Tea holds a quiet beauty that is something I have come to cherish. How a simple leaf from the Camellia sinensis plant bathed in water can transform my day will never cease to amaze me.

For me the moment begins with choosing that day’s tea. Will it be a hearty bracing black tea, a flowery oolong, or something with a touch of flavor added to it? I choose loose leaf tea so I can touch the leaves, admire the shape and color and inhale their freshness. I scoop the leaves into my teapot, enjoying the sound of the leaves spilling down like pebbles into a tin pail.

Then comes the most powerful part of the experience — patience. The water must rise to the right temperature. It will take the time that it will take. You can’t rush it. Then the water is poured into the leaves and again you must wait. These are the stolen moments in a busy life that I treasure. I don’t try to fit in a phone call or chores. I take a moment for me. I breathe. I appreciate the sky outside. I think of the blessings of the day. And then, the tea is ready.

Sip. That first sip is hot and carries a burst of flavor and aroma. Calm. Peace. With each sip I fall deeper into the moment. It is new, unlike any other moment I have ever experienced. It will happen just once and I will not miss it. With three children in my home ages six and under I find that I sometimes forget to take care of myself. I spend so much time focusing on their needs and the activities that are swirling around that I can easily lose myself. Tea gives me permission to stop and a reminder of the value of even a few moments to myself. These are the moments that tea has created and I send my thanks to the lovely leaf.

For more thoughts and stories inspired by tea, I encourage you to check out my new book “A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time.” This collection of non-fiction essays were written by tea lovers from around the world. The book is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound and bookstores and teashops worldwide. For more information visit

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