Becca - PCOS Diva
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Before the 7 Day Jumpstart Program I wanted to get a better understanding of my PCOS in a holistic way.  I was sick of going to doctors that only wanted to prescribe me medications. I knew that PCOS could be controlled by diet and exercise, I just didn’t know where to start. Since completing the Jumpstart I feel much healthier. I lost some weight, my skin cleared up and I have more energy. Telling people that I have a gluten sensitivity is really easy. They don’t really bother you after that because so many people struggle with it today. It was so much easier to remove dairy from my diet than I expected as well and it made a tremendous difference.

I would tell other women who are considering this program that Amy has a wealth of knowledge and skills that teach you the right way to live with your PCOS. This is a holistic approach that doesn’t involve any medication. The Jumpstart Program does just what the name says… It gives you the tools to “jumpstart” into a healthy lifestyle and better relationship with you and your PCOS. – Becca

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