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The results of the 7 Day Jumpstart program have been amazing for me! I have lost 6lbs+/- during this week of Jumpstart, that is simply by changing the foods that I ate! I didn’t incorporate much movement this week as I was focusing on the foods and learning my new way of mindful eating. I have learned just how much gluten and dairy have affected my life. Since eliminating the foods this week, I feel so much better! I learned it’s ok not to be perfect. Most importantly, I learned that putting myself and my health first is not being selfish; it’s a necessity.

The 7 day Jumpstart is exactly what my life has been missing! I have gained a wealth of knowledge and tools to implement for my lifetime. Even in just one week, I have been able to feel a difference in my mood, self confidence. I’m not nearly as fatigued. I am feeling just generally overall healthy. I gained a new appreciation for food and what the right foods can do for my body. I am excited about life! My husband has even noticed a change in my attitude. He said I’m not as “grouchy” as I was pre-Jumpstart. This program has set me up for success. I know its up to me to be successful.

My advice to all of the ladies considering this 7 Day Jumpstart…….DO IT!! I must admit, I was skeptical when I was first reading the reviews. I was thinking “yeah right….another diet for me to try”. Ladies, this program has changed my life in just 7 days!. This program isn’t a diet. It’s a lifetime, lifestyle change.

It’s really hard to put into words what this program has done for me. First of all, I feel healthy. I know I still have a long way to go to drop some pounds, but in just 7 days I dropped about 6 pounds simply by changing the foods that I ate. I didn’t do movement this week. 6 pounds!! That’s huge especially not exercising. However, it’s more than the weight loss. It’s has given me less anger, less stress. less fatigue. I have gained confidence in myself, motivation to eat right and exercise daily. Most importantly, I have learned to put myself first and that by doing so, I’m not being selfish. I am embracing life and the challenges that lay before me. I strongly encourage you to commit yourself to sign up for the Jumpstart program. You will be SO HAPPY you did! – Lori

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