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Before completing the 7 Day Jumpstart, I had given in to PCOS and my unhealthy eating habits.  They controlled me and I knew I had to do something about it.  Throughout the program I found I was spending more time planning and prepping.  I found breathing exercises are a helpful way to start and end each day.  Since completing the Jumpstart Program, I have more energy.  I have learned how not to be a victim of PCOS and my eating habits.  I can now say “no” and work through perceived cravings.  I have been doing Yoga and found it is not only a good source of movement but also helps my bad back.  In addition, I have lost some weight.

I had been aware of the PCOS Diva site, newsletter and Jumpstart for a while. This January I decided I wanted to do something to improve my health and outlook. I liked the look of Jumpstart because not only was it about food, it’s so much more than that. I feel that in the past the reason I always failed was it was only about healthy eating and not about my state of mind. Amy’s emphasis and support for self care is amazingly powerful for me. I now even read a book in the bath as part of my relaxation routine and as a librarian I never thought I’d manage this!

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