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I completed the 7 Day Jumpstart Program and found that by eliminating gluten, dairy, and refined sugars, I have experienced a tremedous improvement in my overall well being. I never thought it was possible to eliminate all that and still remain happy. Well, I did, thanks to Amy and this program.

This week has really taught me to focus on the important things, like my mental and physical well being and being kind and loving to myself. Previously, my PCOS was the ‘evil’ thing that caused me to be heavier than I wanted to be and caused my hair to fall out in clumps and all I focused on was how to get that number on that scale to go down. For once, this was about me as a whole, and not about a number. It was about feeling better, not about looking better.

In the week since I started Jumpstart, the biggest win has been the miraculous disappearance of the pervasive stomach pains and bloating I experienced daily for so many years and…I have not even looked at my scale. Jumpstart has taught me that feeling good is the ultimate goal and one that is completely achievable.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS about 13 years ago, the doctor said “it was no big deal” and could simply be treated with birth control pills. I went home and did my own research and found it was, and could continue to be a big deal. I spent years battling symptoms only to be told it was all in my head. I tried numerous doctors to never find one who really understood what PCOS really was and what it really could do to me – not just physically but emotionally and psychologically as well. I have tried every diet program known to man and have eaten some pretty nasty things all in the name of weight loss. I have quietly suffered with unbelievable stomach pain and embarrassing gas and bloating.

The relatively small investment into the Jumpstart program opened up a new world for me. It broadened my options and put me back in control of my body, after so many years of feeling ruled by this dictator known as PCOS. I am eating delicious foods, taking time to care for me, and am just a better woman, mom, partner, and friend. I would recommend Jumpstart to any woman suffering with PCOS. If you are like me, you have spent way more money on fads and pills and doctors that have not worked. The cost of this program is a drop in that bucket, comparatively, and yields way better results. Thanks, Amy and all the PCOS Divas!

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