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My experience with the 7 Day Jumpstart Program has been great! I’m feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. I was having a terrible time with mood swings and irritability and I can see a big improvement in that area. I’ve always loved eating healthy but found myself looking for the quick meals or snacks, now I have the tools to make great choices all the time.

Prior to the Jumpstart Program, I was living a miserable existence, I didn’t care about how I fueled by body as long as I was eating and I felt satisfied. My relationship with my husband started to diminish and we were having trouble conceiving. One day I just said enough is enough I need to change or else I will loss myself completely. My mom was the one who found PCOS Diva on Facebook and told me about it. I went onto the page and then the website, not really expecting to find much. WOW was I wrong, I first started reading about Amy and the struggles she endured and I could totally relate. I checked out a sample of the meal plans and was amazed at how good they sounded. I decided right then and there that I would sign up for the 7 Day Jumpstart program and I’m so glad I did. It has literally changed my life in 7 days. I feel amazing, my moods have improved ten fold and I lost a little weight which was a bonus. My husband and I have started to share our gratitude’s with each other every night, it has brought us closer together on a very different level. I highly recommend this program, do it now!!

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