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Before I completed Amy’s 7 Day Jumpstart Program, I was following a low GI, dairy free diet for last couple of months, but was not getting anywhere.  I lost some weight but still was not able to control my PCOS symptoms. As a result of this Program, I am feeling more energetic and motivated. I found planning meals beforehand is extremely useful, which takes ~30 min Saturday morning, but saves so much effort afterwards. Also I loved Amy’s chocolate experiment. I don’t feel those dessert cravings after dinner or lunch. My skin has also cleared up a lot. I am definitely going to hold onto this way of eating. I feel much more energetic and geared up now.

I would highly recommend you participate in PCOS Diva’s Jumpstart Program. It shows you how to eat healthy and change your lifestyle to handle your symptoms and keeps you motivated and on track. I felt it was completely worth doing. Thanks Amy for all your guidance and positive thoughts!!!

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