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I decided to take part in Amy’s Jumpstart Program because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted to take the jump to live the life my son and I deserve. I am an older mom – 41 years old with a 3 year old, but I see no reason why I can’t keep up with him. And I had a couple of people comment by the end of the week that I look a decade younger than I am! A coincidence?! I think not!

Throughout the Program, I was shocked at how hard and fast detox took over. I had the WORST hangover of my life on Tuesday. Once I got through that morning, I felt great. Lots of energy, oxygenated, no cravings except for healthy food and water. I am not a cook, so I kind of dreaded that part, but found that I loved it! The guides were my saving grace, but my favorite was engaging all of my senses in the process – the way the ingredients looked, smelled, tasted, felt. It was wonderful. I was surprised to hit an emotional slump on Thursday – more detox? I had registered for a Women In Nature retreat at our local nature preserve months ago (before Jumpstart) and it ended up coming at the perfect time on Saturday. Just what I needed!

Since completing Jumpstart, I feel more confident and joyful, more positive and approachable. I thought I was all of those things before, but strangers talk to me and smile more. I think I am attracting what I feel and spreading the joy. My work has improved as well – I love helping my clients through massage therapy and always incorporate healing through body, mind and spirit. I am sharing what I am doing and have more energy and purity to be more effective at what I do.

The advice I have for other women reading this and considering joining a Jumpstart is Just Do It! Take the jump! Everything is laid out and so easy, and the support from Amy and the others on Jumpstart are wonderful. I did not give up if I wasn’t perfect. I tapped into daily quotes and journaling to keep me on my track and make it my own and it was ok. Progress not perfection! I know what it feels like to feel good and now know what it means to say, nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels like. I feel great and if I have a day that I don’t, I know why. Experimenting with different food and lifestyle choices has really helped me be more mindful and present in life. I am so glad I participated in Jumpstart! Thank you, Amy 🙂

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