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In the midst of attempting to find a way to deal with a diagnosis of PCOS at age 23, I was truly at a loss. I was busy obtaining a college degree, spending time with family and friends and wondering why I struggled with my weight, cravings, and knowing something simply wasn’t right. The medications were doing nothing for me and I was facing struggles I simply didn’t know how to resolve. I looked at other women with envy wondering why I looked pregnant and had no periods while my friends sported fitted shirts and talked about their PMS symptoms. The doctors didn’t even seem to understand. The Metformin they made me believe was the answer just seemed to make it worse. I was exhausted and I began thinking there may be an answer waiting for me somewhere outside of the doctor’s office.

I began the research and shortly after, I found PCOS Diva.com. Little did I know, this was more than a website with some information. There was an incredible woman behind it all who had a passion to help women who were suffering just as I was with PCOS. Upon learning what Amy taught through the abundance of free information she provides on her website, I knew this was a long-awaited answer. On the other hand, I was completely unsure of how to carry any of it out. I then proceeded to do the first Jumpstart Program.

While a part of me wasn’t completely sold on it, I knew the other “answers” I had received were not solving anything. Shortly after my first Jumpstart, I determined gluten could not be a part of my diet. While it had been a long time coming, I was learning how food and movement made me feel. I felt that I was gaining a true sense of what living well felt like. The daily headaches that were occurring due to gluten disappeared. I purchased Amy’s meal plans and they became a huge part of my life. While that may seem a bit melodramatic, food became my true medicine; not only for my body, but for my soul.

I became aware of the attachments and emotions towards foods that were only exacerbating my PCOS symptoms. Upon embracing the diet Amy suggests, I began losing weight. I also became aware that what I put into my body would dictate what I would get out of this one life I get to live. I now look forward to afternoon shopping adventures, whereas, before, I made it a point to get a few things that would hide a body I was so ashamed of and embarrassed by.

This past summer, I went on a family vacation to the beach, which I had not done in 10 years because of my low self-confidence. My energy is abundant and I, after so many years, am confident that I am living a fulfilled life. There was a time when obstacles, doubt and defeat ruled my life, along with my PCOS. I have chosen with the incredible guidance and advice Amy so willingly and eloquently provides, that I will choose victory, true health and confidence. I will choose to live life as a DIVA!

– Taylor

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