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What PCOS Divas are Saying About the Seasonal Meal Plans

PCOS seasonal meal plans“After using the PCOS Diva Meal Plans, my cycle became regular and I was able to get pregnant! You have thought out every aspect of the meal plans, the recipes are easy to follow and quick to prepare.” – Joy B.

Amy, you have outdone yourself AGAIN!  I am so impressed and in love with all of the Meal Plan recipes.  I am having the stew for lunch and the chicken nuggets were a HIT!  Thank you so much for coming into our kitchen with such wonderful meals. – Kristen Clark

Amy, words cant describe the amount of relief, thankfulness, and gratitude, I feel for you sharing your personal experiences, knowledge, and your talent for creating the most delicious meals!  I am in the middle of

Meal Plan Success Story
April Thompson

my 4th week and I am feeling fantastic!  I’ve already lost 10lbs and my skin is brightening! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! – April Thompson

“Before I purchased the PCOS Diva Meal Plans, I had no understanding of what an appropriate amount of food was. I knew the dietary guide lines for serving sizes, but I didn’t know how to build a meal with that. Should dinner include 2 servings of starch? 1 serving of vegetables? Also, when I would try to eat

PCOS Diva Jumpstart Review
Megan O.

healthy, I would end up eating food that wasn’t palatable. Looking through many diet plans, I didn’t know what to try that would be appropriate for PCOS. The Meal Plans not only provided meals that were both delicious AND healthy, I also learned how to create a balanced meal and how much was appropriate. My blood sugar feels much more stable throughout the day and I have far fewer cravings. I can tell that these plans have been thoughtfully crafted for the unique needs of women with PCOS–it makes them feel like they were made for me personally.” Megan O.

PCOS Meal Plan Review
Amber. A

“I was feeding myself over processed junk almost all the time. Now I know how to choose better for myself and, most importantly, my 2 year old! We eat much more organic food now and much ‘cleaner’ food versus everything being out of a box. I feel MUCH better. While I haven’t lost any significant weight, my pants are fitting better and I just feel like I’m less weighed down with junk. I haven’t tried one of the recipes yet that I don’t like!” Amber A.

“I was looking for some help eating clean and caring for my body. Since I started the PCOS Diva Meal Plans, I have better sleep, foot and ankle swelling has vanished, my blood pressure is lower and I have lost weight. I rave about the Meal Plans to all of my friends. They all want me to share the recipes.” Shannon B.

” I used to have HIGH anxiety about my weekly menu and my trip to the grocery store. Now I feel relieved to know each week, I don’t have to plan my meals. When I follow the PCOS

PCOS Treatment, PCOS Diet
Michelle D.

Diva Meal Plan; I feel fuller longer, healthier, leaner, and satisfied. I don’t have cravings or binges. The variety is wonderful. I am feeding my family some of the healthiest meals available.” – Michelle D.

Meal Plan Review PCOS Diva
Vicky N.

“Since I have been using the PCOS Diva Meal Plan, I have experienced, weight loss, clarity of thought and an over all sense of well being. I feel amazing, more in the present and have more energy. These plans are a God send!” – Vicky N.

“The PCOS Diva Meal Plan provided me with the extra nudge I needed to continue to lose weight after reaching a plateau. My mood swings and hormones have mostly stabilized and I feel so much better. The Meal Plans laid a solid foundation for me to see what kinds of food combinations worked best for me and my family. I now know that no matter what I’m doing or how busy I am, my productivity, moods, overall well being, and the impact this has on others around me are all connected to when and what I eat.” – Leah O.


” I was tired and weary all of the time, was gaining weight and felt bloated and inflamed. After following the PCOS Diva Meal Plan, I lost 10 lbs. in a month, my blood sugar is more

stable so my mood and energy are way more stable too! I loved the breakfast recipes and most of the dinner recipes, even my husband loved them! After using the meal plans I am completely sold on “clean eating”! I have been telling everyone I know about the dramatic improvements I have seen in my health so quickly after switching my diet. I feel so much better in mood and energy and my cycles have returned without medication!” – Rebecca G.

“Since using the PCOS Diva Meal Plans, I’m learning which foods are beneficial to my health. It is wonderful not having to do all the thinking about what’s for dinner. The plans have made me more aware of how to eat healthy without depriving myself of great tasting food.” Joslynn U.

“Having the PCOS Diva Meal Plan is very helpful.  My weakness is planning and organizing our family meals. These plans allow me to be organized in the kitchen along with enhancing my cooking skills.  The combination of the two have set me up for success.  The dinners are amazing. My husband always asks for seconds.  I have energy now and feel great.  With the help of these healthy eating habits, we are expected a baby in October!  Thank you Amy.” – Jenn K.
PCOS seasonal meal plans
“This looks AMAZING! I am so excited for EVERY recipe this week!! They all sound delish, and make me want to sizzle in a nice warm cozy kitchen!” – Amy Evans

“It’s great!!! I’m like a new person – even emotionally. I lost six pounds last week and feel like I’m taking charge of my life!!! I love your meal plan because it is so realistic and practical for day to day life. ” – Jeanne

“The meal plan is wonderful. I love that it takes the guess work out for me. The time saved not having to plan what to buy/cook each week pays more than pays for the plan. It’s chocked full of recipes and ideas which makes it a great value.” – Kami

“I love LOVE LOVE the recipes.  I cannot believe how good everything is.  So happy I got them!  Worth the money!” – Lisa

“I LOVE it!  I think the presentation is great, the recipes are easy to follow and the shopping lists really help!” – Toni

“In a rut this summer and too busy to meal plan! So convenient! You are a lifesaver!- Lynn

“Thank you! Thank you!!! Looking forward to new recipes!!!” – Kelly

“I love the recipes Amy and would highly recommend them to any other Divas! – Anne

“The recipes look wonderful, I can’t wait to try them all.  Everything looks so professional and beautiful – just like a true Diva!” – Linda

“My husband and I have loved every one of your recipes. I just wanted to say thank you so much for making these meal plans available. We are finishing up week four, and we are finally eating real food. We have tried many new things and it’s been fun. I never cooked this much until i bought your meal plan. We have been married for three years so my husband is loving having a wife that cooks amazing meals each night. We have our fingers crossed you will have a fall meal plan coming out! Thank you again, it has been a blessing! ” – Carli M

“I just completed week 2 of the summer meal plans. I am astonished by the change in my life! I am cooking delicious meals, and I am always prepared when the tempting treats of being a teacher are around. Amy, please keep these meal plans going! They have provided the nutrition my body and family needs. I can not THANK YOU enough for giving me the tools to make life better for me and my family. You are a true wellness rescuer!” – Jennifer K.

“I started the six-week summer meal plan this week. The recipes have been amazing so far – this peach pie smoothie is to die for! It usually takes me until about 10:30 a.m. to get a whole smoothie down…it’s 9 a.m. and I only have a few sips left! Thanks for all of the wonderful info and easy-to-follow, delicious recipes!” -Jaclyn T.

In using the Summer Meal Plan and then doing Jumpstart, I feel that my health has been restored and my spirit renewed and I thank you for that. – Taylor C.

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipes :). – Alexandria

I am really enjoying the recipes I have made so far, and even have repeated a couple! My husband has been trying all the ones I have made and there has been nothing he hasn’t liked, kudos to you !! – Kerrie

“My fuel for today included some amazing food, thanks to inspiration that I received from the PCOS Diva.  She’s a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (which is where I’m currently going to school) and has put together a fantastic Summer Meal Plan to help women with PCOS plan and make amazing meals.  The best part is that the recipes are vegan friendly! “ – www.veganpcosdiva.com

My biggest issue has been my husband eating all of my food! He stole half the pumpkin bars and took them to work yesterday. He came home last night and said he needs a batch for the guys in the office. This morning I get a text asking what’s for dinner tonight. Glad he’s enjoying the food, but I did not anticipate cooking for his work buddies! – Brynn.

I have been loving all of your meals. My husband also loved everything I have made as well!! – Alex

“I recently purchased your Fall Meal Plan (which is also my first plan purchase) and so far everything has been delicious! You have really opened my eyes to what food is out there. I never would have purchased these items on my own and boy, would I be missing out! “- Jess

“I would just like to thank you for being a great support system for those of us with PCOS. I purchased your fall meal plan 1 month ago and had my 1 month follow up with my doctor this morning. I’ve lost 7 pounds! I am feeling so much better inside and out and can’t wait for the winter meal plan! 🙂 Thank you! – Jessica B.”

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