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Without Child.com ~ Rethinking Fertility

Guest post by Emily Levenson

Six million women in the United States deal with infertility every single year and another two million married couples are said to be infertile.

As one of those six million women, I felt alone, frustrated, and depressed. All of the women around me seemed to get pregnant on the first try, while my husband and I had been trying for two years without success.

I felt like I had no one to talk to. And no where to look for reliable information that took into account all aspects of the journey. So I did the only thing I knew how to do: I reached out to family and friends for support. And I created a website.

Withoutchild.com was created to bring the fertility discussion out of the bedroom and into the forefront. To be a place where women can find accurate information about all aspects of fertility, and not just about IVF or IUI.

At Without Child, we talk about the healing power of food, massage, acupuncture, and emotional support. We also talk about adoption, self care, and PCOS from the perspective of women who are going through it.

Just because you are without child does not mean that you are without choice, without love, or without hope.

Wherever you are on the journey, there is a safe place for you here.

Without Child is a community of women who have been there and done that. A community of advocates for health and choice. A community of holistic practitioners and health coaches.

And a community of support.

Website: withoutchild.com Twitter: @withoutchild Facebook: facebook.com/withoutchild


Emily Levenson, MSW, CHHC is the founder and creator of Without Child. Emily has a knack for cooking up conversation, finding meaning in mayhem, and adding sparkle to the spectrum of life. Her personal journey towards becoming pregnant has been filled with bumps and bruises, hysterics and hope, frustration and inspiration. Emily believes that it’s time to bring fertility discussion out of the bedroom and into the forefront.

Website:  emilylevenson.com Twitter: @emilylevenson Facebook: Emily Levenson

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  1. I struggled with infertility for 4 years before conceiving our soon wiht fertility treatments. The subject of infertility has been buried for far too long. Women need to feel safe to talk about their experience without any shame. If I could I would tell my story to the world in hopes that it would bring women struggling with this hope. Because there is always hope.

  2. Kasie – Congratulations on your son! I would love to share your story on Without Child if you’re up for it. Feel free to email me [info at withoutchild dot com].

  3. hi thats awsome..hearing storys like these gives me hope that someday soon ill have a child of my own.im 33 and someday i have no hope:/ why do i have to have pcos…congrats and this gives me alittle hope and to not give up.thanks crissie