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Top 10 Things PCOS Divas Want to Know

PCOS Divas know that they are not victims. PCOS is not their fate. There is no magic pill, and they can thrive with PCOS when they embrace the power of knowledge, diet and lifestyle.

The mission of PCOS Diva is to empower women with the information, resources and encouragement they need in order to thrive with PCOS.

In 2016, I published 86 articles and podcasts to that end. Together, we explored a tremendous range of topics from detoxification and supplements to hair loss, acne, pregnancy, conception, stress, meal prep, and the positives of having PCOS.

Here are the top 10 (all time) articles from PCOS Diva. Enjoy. Live. Thrive!

1- The Best (and Worst) Diets for PCOS

2- 8 PCOS Diet Rules

3- Managing Unwanted Facial Hair Naturally

4- 5 Things to Know If Your Partner Has PCOS: a Husband’s Perspective

5- De-Mystifying Myo- Inositol

6- Choosing the Right Supplement for PCOS: Not All Supplements are Created Equal

7- Why I Use Ovasitol – Combo Myo/D-chiro Supplement

8- 4 Big Benefits of Berberine for PCOS

9- Signs You Need a Detox – INFOGRAPHIC

10- Will a Hysterectomy Cure Your PCOS?

Plus a couple that I wish every woman with PCOS would read:

The Best Breakfast for PCOS: The Power Smoothie

Celebrate the Wealth of PCOS

Ovasitol for PCOS




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