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A Great Breakfast for PCOS – Bear Naked and Fruity Yogurt

Dr. Oz, Oprah’s favorite doc, has it right. A meal plan works best when you “automate” breakfast and lunch. Basically this means you have a few standard breakfasts and lunches that you always have on hand. It makes it a no-brainer to eat on plan and I find it is hard to cheat when you know a healthy option is right in the fridge.

When you have PCOS and are trying to eat to keep your symptoms at bay, this philosophy really works. I try to eat wheat free, low-dairy, low-GI and low-sugar. (I have been able to get pregnant on this diet and personally think it is the best plan for PCOS.) My diet limits many breakfast choices. I can’t grab a muffin or bagel and most cereals are not on my plan. I recently blogged about my favorite smoothie which is one of my automated breakfasts.  Another favorite breakfast is what I call “Bear Naked & Fruity Yogurt.”


1/2 c Stoneyfield Farms Organic Lowfat Plain Yogurt

1/2 scoop Growing Naturals Brown Rice Vanilla Protein Powder.

1/4 c Bear Naked Fit Granola

1/2 c fresh or frozen fruit (I vary it with what is in season – sometimes berries, peaches or even pomogranete)

1/4 c raw almonds, walnuts or pecans

1/2 tsp cinnamon

The great thing about this breakfast is that it is relatively low in refined sugar. The yogurt is unsweetened. The protein powder is sweetened with stevia and the granola has 4 grams of sugar per serving and it is wheat-free. You can sign up for a free sample of Bear Naked granola on their website .

Interestingly, the Journal of Nutrition recently published a study that found women who ate muesli, yogurt and fruit before an hour long workout burned 50 percent more fat than those who had an equally caloric meal of cornflakes, white toast, jam and milk. The reason is because the yogurt breakfast is low on the glycemic index.

Give my Bear Naked and Fruity Yogurt a try and let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I found the article on oil pulling fascinating and I am going to try it.
    Regarding PCOS….has anybody ever mentioned that the MTHFR mutation can also cause the same symptoms?

    1. Maria-
      You must have found the article on earthclinic.com. I actually have been oil-pulling alternating with sesame and sunflower oil. I really notice the benefits during cold/flu season. I think it definitely strengthens your respiratory and immune system. I also follow earthclinic.com’s advice on virgin coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I will be blogging about the benefits of both soon!

      I have noticed that the MTHFR mutation symptoms can sometimes be confused with PCOS. There was a study published in the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology Volume 145, Issue 1, July 2009, Pages 85-88 that shows that there is no correlation between the two.

      Thanks for the commments!

  2. I was recently reading “Don’t be a Dairy Queen” where it talks about dairy alternatives. Is it just milk I should be avoiding when possible? Is yogurt okay and should I be trying a something different than a Whey protein powder?

    1. Cynthia – If you read the second part of the article I do mention that organic dairy and yogurt is okay in small amounts. I have been using a natural whey protein but am in the process of researching a better Vegan alternative. Sign up for my newsletter – the info will be coming out soon.

  3. Hi Amy, thanks for all these great recipes! I can’t wait to try them. Just wondering if subsituting the granola you mention above for All Bran buds would work?

    1. Amanda-
      I’m not a fan of All Bran Buds. If you look on the ingredient list you will find high fructose corn syrup and BHT – two no no’s on my Kitchen De-junking Guide. I like Bear Naked Granola because it truly is all natural. You can also make your own granola. I also try to stay away from wheat.

  4. Since being diagnosed with PCOS and still waiting to find out whether I’m insulin resistant, I decided to start altering my diet and following your guide. I actually started making the yogurt myself and my husband and I love it. I have it for breakfast with nuts and fruit almost every day now.