Manage Holiday Sugar Cravings and the Winter Blues - [Podcast] - PCOS Diva
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Manage Holiday Sugar Cravings and the Winter Blues – [Podcast]

PCOS Podcast 3 - Manage Sugar cravings with Dr Corey SchulerWith the holidays upon us, I asked nutrition and mood expert, Dr. Corey Schuler to share some tips for us on how to manage holiday sugar cravings and the winter blues. As I expected, he had some wonderful, practical ways to help keep cravings at bay and fend off depression and anxiety. Listen to the 30 minute interview below for all of the details!

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Dr. Corey Schuler  DC, MS, LN is a board-certified nutrition specialist, licensed nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner from Bloomington, Minnesota. He runs the Metabolic Treatment Center and speaks nationally about mood, hormones, and holistic health. He is frequently interviewed for radio, magazines, and blogs. Dr. Schuler is known for his broad knowledge of natural medicine and laboratory analysis. As such, he sits on several medical advisory boards and consults leaders in the dietary supplement and nutrition industry.



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  1. Thank you for the great interview. Very helpful. I’m looking forward to seeing how my sugar cravings change after taking on board some of the information you guys just provided.