New Research Finds 3 Unique PCOS Cycles. What Does That Mean for You?
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138 – New Research Finds 3 Unique PCOS Cycles. What Does That Mean for You?

“I’m passionate about teaching women to really understand their cycles, understand their fertility, understand when they’re ovulating, because we know that research shows that fertility awareness knowledge can reduce your time to conception considerably.”

 – Kate Davies, RN, BSc(Hons), FP Cert, Expert Fertility Nurse Consultant and Coach

Being a PCOS Diva is centered upon empowering yourself with information so that you can take better control of your PCOS. That information can come from many sources, but there’s no better information than the data that your cycles (or lack thereof) give you every month. Cycle tracking is how I discovered I had PCOS and it’s an excellent way to track fertility as well as diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes.

But it is not always simple to track your cycle with PCOS. Most predictor kits don’t work for us. In fact, many PCOS patients are told by their doctors that they’re not ovulating. Very often that is untrue. PCOS cycles are simply different. New research indicates that there are 3 cycles unique to women with PCOS.

Listen in or read the transcript as our expert guest, Kate Davies, discusses:

  • Fertility monitors
  • Types of menstrual cycles and what they mean
  • How to best communicate about your cycle with your doctor
  • Natural interventions to help women with PCOS ovulate

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