162- PCOS Advocacy & Awareness Month 2021 - PCOS Diva
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162- PCOS Advocacy & Awareness Month 2021

‘When we come together in person, or even virtually, everyone leaves feeling more empowered and supported. It’s like a big hug in the room.” – Sasha Ottey

September is PCOS Awareness Month.

In honor of this transformative event, I spoke with Sasha Ottey, founder and executive director of PCOS Challenge which leads the way in furthering the causes of research funding, patient and doctor education, and community awareness.

Listen in (or read the transcript below) as we discuss:

  • The PCOS Challenge backstory: Origin & Mission
  • Advocacy Day 2021: Celebrating legislation success stories
  • Patient-centered research studies: Get involved and make a difference
  • PCOS Awareness Month: Explore this month’s themes, important dates, hashtags, and how YOU can add to this story of hope and healing for women

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Mentioned in this podcast:

>> PCOS Challenge
>> PCOS Active Research Studies
>> PCOS Awareness Month
>> PCOS Challenge Facebook
>> PCOS Challenge Instagram
>> PCOS Challenge Twitter

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