166- Transforming Adversity into Life Purpose - PCOS Diva
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166- Transforming Adversity into Life Purpose

Are you ready to be inspired by the courageous story of my former client Nafsheen Luhar? I know this podcast will open your heart and help you rediscover hope that you, too, can have a happy ending. 

Like so many women with PCOS, Nafsheen experienced a traumatic childhood that led to weight issues, low self-esteem, self-harm, PCOS, and uterine cancer – her final wake-up call.

But Nafsheen didn’t remain a victim for long. 

In her darkest despair, she found an inner power that led her out of pain. 

And she learned to love herself, partner with her body, and move beyond limiting beliefs to access her creative center.  

She came to understand that the suffering was precisely what she needed to fulfill her purpose.

Now she expresses her soul’s work as a respected photographer, transformational coach, self-love advocate, and speaker.

You don’t want to miss our conversation!

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Nafsheen Luhar’s Website
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PCOS Diva podcast #121: Childhood Trauma & PCOS

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