173- Could Toxic Mold be a Problem for You? - PCOS Diva

173- Could Toxic Mold be a Problem for You?

We take in these micro toxins that some strains of mold emit and we breathe them in through our nose and that information goes right to the brain. It goes directly to the brain. And there just isn’t much conversation about it.

My mission on the PCOS Diva podcast is to help you get to the root cause of your PCOS symptoms. I know this can often feel like a complicated hormonal puzzle to solve.

Mold toxicity is one possible root cause you may not have thought about.

I sat down with mold expert, Bridgit Danner and asked her to teach us how toxic mold affects our bodies. If you are struggling with chronic health issues that just won’t go away, tune in to explore this important topic.

What you will learn:

  • Common health symptoms of mold illness
  • How to identify signs of mold in your home
  • What’s involved in home remediation
  • Home testing for mold toxicity (environmental and physical)
  • Toxic mold detox techniques that really work

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Resources mentioned:

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Bridgit Danner
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Bridgit Danner was working as an acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon when her health started to deteriorate. She learned a lot, tried a lot of things, and even completed a functional health coaching program in an effort to heal herself and become a better practitioner.

Although several things kind of helped, nothing helped completely, and she hit rock bottom in the winter of 2014. Soon after she discovered toxic mold in her 100-yr old home and began the long journey of home and body repair.

Bridgit got into the natural medicine field in 2000 as a young environmentalist. She practiced as an acupuncturist and integrative clinic owner for 13 years, performing well over 10,000 sessions, before transitioning to the online space as a functional health coach and educator. 

Bridgit loves to teach about everyday detox, functional living, and toxic mold illness at bridgitdanner.com. She is also the founder of a line of detox supplements called Functional Detox Products. Her Instagram handle is @bridgit_danner.

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