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174- Yoga & Cycle Tracking for Hormone Balance

“I started to honor how I was feeling in different phases of my cycle and adapt my yoga practice to support all these shifts that were happening day to day with my hormones. As a result, a lot of the period problems I was having started to improve: less pain, decreased stress, better sleep, and more energy.” – April Tesson, The Period Yogi

In today’s podcast, I speak with April Tesson, the founder of The Period Yogi – an online yoga membership that helps women pair their yoga with the natural rhythms of their menstrual cycle.

April weaves together a holistic, therapeutic approach to menstruation and the uniqueness of the female body to create customized movement practices that nourish the four distinct phases of your cycle.

Instead of working against your body’s natural ebbs and flows, her classes support your changing needs throughout the month to optimize your flow.

She teaches you how to easily track your phases (and gives us a free tracker) so you can know your body on a deeper level and tap into its innate wisdom and power.

The Period Yogi helps women who:

  • Need relief from period pain that’s dragging you down
  • Want help regulating stress levels
  • Are dealing with monthly pain from Endometriosis or PCOS and want to find holistic support
  • Are transitioning off hormonal birth control and want to reconnect with your cycle
  • Are on the perimenopause rollercoaster and want to ease symptoms naturally
  • Are post-menopause or not cycling and feel untethered without a cyclical rhythm

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Resources mentioned:

The Period Yogi
Free Cycle Tracker & Free yoga videos (for each phase of your cycle)
PCOS Diva Podcast #142 – Maximize Fitness: Pairing Movement with your Natural Cycles

April is a yoga and Pilates teacher and the founder of The Period Yogi, an online yoga membership site that teaches women how to use yoga to support hormonal balance, adjust their practice for different phases of the cycle, and experience power and ease throughout their cycles.

She’s also the owner of Centered Pilates + Yoga, a boutique fitness studio.




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