34 - This Ain't Your Mama's Yoga - PCOS Diva
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34 – This Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga

PCOS Diva - DDP Yoga“A lot of women who follow this journey are in a lot of pain because of the inflammation. You can’t do a high-impact workout. You can’t do P90X. You can’t even think about Insanity. CrossFit? Don’t even look at the building as you’re driving by.”

– Diamond Dallas Page

I’m an early adopter of DDP Yoga. It is a strenuous cardio workout that doesn’t overtax my adrenals and leave me exhausted.  At the end of a workout, I feel rejuvenated, strong and flexible– exactly the way you should feel after some great exercise.

Many women with PCOS are dealing with chronic inflammation and elevated levels of cortisol, as well as weight and joint issues which make it hard to do high-impact exercise. I want everybody to know that there are alternatives (like DDP Yoga)-exercise that you can do at your own pace and level and see real results.

Yoga is proven to be very beneficial for PCOS. In a recent study, adolescents with PCOS who spent one hour a day in yoga practice, significantly improved their anxiety, hirsutism, menstrual frequency, glucose and lipid levels, as well as their insulin resistance values. So listen in to my interview with DPP Yoga founder, Diamond Dallas Page and learn how DDP Yoga can transform your mind and body.

PCOS Diva is not affiliated with DDP Yoga. I’m just a fan.

A full transcript follows.


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