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50 – Fast-Acting, Long-Term Natural Relief for Anxiety

The connection between PCOS and mood is absolute. In fact, medical literature suggests that the prevalence of depression in women with PCOS varies between 28 to 64 percent, and anxiety rates range from 34 to 57 percent. Trudy Scott is on a mission to educate and empower women about the healing powers of whole foods and amino acids for eliminating anxiety and emotional eating. If you’ve ever thought, “My depression is so serious, there’s no way that food and nutrients could have an impact. I’m the kind of person who definitely needs medication.” Or if you’ve been told that, “You’re going to have anxiety forever. Here’s some medication. Go to therapy. You just need to manage it.” That’s definitely not the case; it can be completely resolved.

Listen in as Trudy explains:

  • What your gut, adrenals, inflammation, intolerances, and diet have to do with anxiety
  • What to eat, what to avoid, and whether vegetarianism is the answer
  • The fast, natural way to manage sugar cravings
  • Dosage and timing of amino acids for managing mood, energy and more
  • What are you missing that causes winter blues? Seasonal Affective Disorder? Perfectionism?
  • Effectively kicking caffeine and sugar addiction

For more information about Trudy’s upcoming anxiety summit or information from past summits, visit: The Anxiety Summit.

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