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55- Your Guide to Holistic Migraine Management

“When people are really fed up with chasing their triggers, constantly managing symptoms, and working around their migraines, then they’re ready to work at the root-cause level.” – Erin Knight

Erin Knight’s combination of migraine prevention and management techniques centers around getting to the root cause of your migraine. Her approach offers long-term, whole body health and healing. As she says, I know you’re not crazy when you tell me you have not just migraines, but skin issues and everything else.” If you are tired of migraines impacting your earning potential, productivity, and relationships, don’t miss this podcast. Listen as Erin shares:

  • tips for managing migraines without ibuprofen or painkillers
  • recognizing the layers of internal and external stressors which cause your migraines
  • ways to balance your triggers while living your life
  • her best stress reduction techniques (and gadgets)
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